The Falcon Banner: Episode 10, The Stuff of Legends and Other Histories, Part 3


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Darker Projects: The Falcon Banner


The Falcon Banner, Episode 10: The Stuff of Legends and Other Histories, Part 3Download (1:03:23, 59 MB mp3, released 2008.02.09)Scripted by Mark BruzeeBased on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick LydonOriginal music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig, Kevin MacLeod and Phil CraigieFeaturing the voice talents of:Seth Adam Sher as Darien TaineChris Snyder as Matt EliasBrandon Cole as Commander Kit DurnhamLaura Post as LaurenEric Busby as NazzienMJ Cogburn as Flight ControlJack Scrimshaw as Colonel MayfairJohn Lipsey as Dr. KyrShire Smith as MasconiMark Kalita as KendrickSteve Anderson as Major RousseauMike Dent as Lt. KatzLinda Townsend as Captain TyranaAlasdair Stuart as The PilotThe series is directed, produced and post-produced by Chris SnyderCo-produced by Mark BruzeeSpecial thanks to Christopher Patrick Lydon for making the series possibleThe executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby