The Journey of Translations: A Conversation with Prof. Bibek Debroy


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Join Mukunda and Krishna as they speaks to Professor Bibek Debroy. Prof. Debroy is a polymath, polyglot and a man for all seasons. He is currently the Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on the Economic Advisory Council. He is additionally a translator of the Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita and now the Mahabharata. In this episode, we discuss a host of topics including: 00:01:10 Introduction to Professor Bibek Debroy and his background and how he went from economics to translating a huge corpus of Sanskrit literature 00:18:50 The inspiration and role of Dogs in Vedas and Itihasas, all three of us love dogs and have dogs 00:22:00 Mahabharata and Puranas translation process and inspirations, what is your methodology of translations 00:29:20 Bengali culture and translating of the Mahabharata 00:32:00 Veda Vyasa, Mahabharata and intertextual mesh with the Puranas 00:38:55 How did the translation process change you or your pre-conceived notions 00:41:30 Why is Indian society not very familiar with lifeblood of Hinduism, the Puranas 00:44:50 Story of Rama and the dog in the Ramayana 00:49:15 The Many Gitas of the Mahabharata and Puranas 00:57:15 What role do the Mahabharata and Puranas play in today in modern governance 01:04:20 How do we teach Dharma today, Dharma economic alternative to capitalism and socialism 01:15:30 Final points and love for discovery in the Shastras