The Magic of Hawaii and TimeWaver Frequencies with Derek Nakamura


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Derek Nakamura is a TimeWaver Therapist based out of Hawaii where he has been practicing healing massage therapy since 2000. Everything changed for him in 2009 when his wife returned home from a Bioresonance session and immediately told me that she needed to have the same system. Unfortunately, that particular system would have required him to learn Russian so he did more research to try to find a device that would be easier to understand with support in English. In 2010 he started with a system from the UK and it was just two years later that the TimeWaver Med System was found. The TimeWaver Frequency was in 2017 after attending the TimeWaver World Conference in Germany. And, now, naturally, the Healy has been added to his family of TimeWaver devices. A variety of services are offered through his frequency therapy practice. If you have a Healy device and are interested in custom programs specific to your needs or a TimeWaver session balancing your Informational Field you can place your order or set up an appointment today with just a few clicks at is continuing to offer past life readings to help you clear and release harmful patterns. If you are feeling stuck, it might be time to look at past life situations and karma. Learn more and sign up at Laura is offering a deep discount for on-air readings - 30 minutes or more for $400! This is only available for the month of December. Contact Laura if you are interested at, or sign up at more information about Laura and her work you can go to her website or find her on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook at @realhealingpowers and @mllelaura, and on Instagram and TikTok @laurapowers44.