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Actors Theatre Workshop Podcast


The Actors Theatre Workshop is an established pioneer in non-profit theatre that produces classical and contemporary plays, develops new dramatic works, trains and develops actors, writers and directors while making a difference in the lives of homeless children and the community at large. The Scott Acting Conservatory is a professional acting conservatory of the Actors Theatre Workshop, both founded by award-winning actor, writer and director, Thurman E. Scott. In his conservatory, Mr. Scott teaches an original acting and writing technique to both professional actors and students beginning the journey of developing into theatre artists. With this unique approach to the study of drama, Mr. Scott draws upon his vast professional history as an award-winning theatre and film artist as well as his studies with the greatest teachers of American theatre and the original findings of Constantine Stanislavsky. Currently enrolling for the Six Session Intensive and Masterclass!! Fill out an on-line application at: