The Power of Organization with Sabrina | Enhance Your Interior Arrangements


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In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with home organization guru, Sabrina Gardner, who just started a company called Salt, a customer organization company that specializes in customer acrylic drawer organizers. Sabrina has a five step process to really help people narrow down how to get started. Step 1: Go into your space and assess the space. Step 2: Assign a purpose to every drawer or cabinet. Step 3: Take everything out and start fresh. Step 4: Emotionally disconnect from everything in there and see the space with a fresh set of eyes. Get rid of clutter. Step 5: Put things back in the ideal way to utilize them in the long term and get organized. Her process and how somebody can get started 4:34Sue’s list to organize 11:03Under the kitchen sink 15:11Organizing your counter/island 20:42Dealing with surplus of inventory 24:09Maintaining organization 27:03Sabrina’s story getting started with Salt 31:39The top selling product on Salt and charity 38:27“It’s like when you guys decorate a space and how it changes it and it becomes beautiful and inviting. It’s the same thing with organization. When we organize a drawer, it becomes a joy to open. We’ve taken something frustrating and turned it into something magical.” 9:40 Letter: