The Singer Not The Song


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Five Minutes of Doubt


Written by Jay Lawrance. Featuring Alice-Rose Murray and Jay Lawrance. If you live in a block of flats. most likely you are attuned to the grunts and flushing toilets and the booming televisions of other people’s lives. It passes without notice, a gurgle in the pipes. Then there is a new noise, one which is impossible for Jim and the other tenants to ignore… Artwork by Sam Vickers. You can get our podcast on Soundcloud: Five Minutes of Doubt is a fortnightly podcast featuring standalone monologues or two-handers. The only remits are that the pieces at a maximum seven and a half minutes long, scripted and narrative. We’re happy for the piece you work on to be fictional or true, but be warned: it is not a soapbox, or the home for a formless rant. Do you wanna submit? You can reach out to us on the channels below: