They just banned new gas lawnmowers and gas leaf blowers and gas lawncare equipment


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Saturday California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law that orders state regulators to ban the sale of new gas-powered equipemtn using small off-road engines. That will include lawnmowers, leaf blowers, generators, and pressure washers as of Jan 1, 2024. We debate this discussion in our mid-week special as well as the part of the law that is not discussed in the news that says that all gas powered generators will have to be zero emission. We will also talk about the exclusive story on this weekends Around the Hosue that will have the interview with Amber Trucke and the team that has been installing her new shower. If you didnt catch this video of the orignial story you can catch it here: ( ) Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at ( We love comments and we would love reviews on how this information has helped you on your house! Thanks for listening! For more information about the show head to ( We have moved the Pro Insider Special on Thursday to its new feed. It will no longer be on this page. You can find it and subscribe right here: ( )