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Do you find it challenging to claim your strengths?Do you diminish yourself to make others comfortable?If you’re a woman, you know your brain works differently than your husband, male friends or even the masculine “hustle n’ grind” ecosystem that in my mind, is shifting. You also may have a brain that tends to lean on ADHD tendencies…. And your executive function sharpness is a bit rusty... which is the ability to restrain impulsivity, have a great working memory, time management, and organization skills. Or perhaps you are a bit energetically sensitive or have high levels of empathy….  so you make your decisions through a combination of some rational decision-making and your intuition.Well, our beautiful, brilliant and buzzworthy guest Dr. Tracy Alloway, who is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker is here to show the dynamic ways that women's brains ARE different, and how she dispels the myths so women can STOP undermining, downplaying and apologizing.Whether it’s related to decision-making, leadership or relationships, I love how she breaks it all down in her new book, Think Like a Girl: 10 Unique Strengths of a Woman’s Brain  Buckle in ladies…. Tracy has profound knowledge and is the author of 14 books and today we’ll tap into how simply changing the words we speak, how to claim your individual strengths, and how we can connect in a meaningful way - even through social media.What You’ll Discover: The difference in men and women's brains and how men's amygdalas tend to be larger than women'sWomen tend to care much more about avoiding harm therefore likely to avoid “rational” decisions in favor of more “emotional” ones.Research shows that women tend to want to avoid harm, so we are more likely to favor an “emotional” decisionThe 3 to 1 Ratio and reframingDiscover strategies for making sound decisions under stress, and learn how women uniquely evaluate risk.The Love BrainThe Intelligent BrainThe Feeling BrainThe Leader BrainWomen have 3 times more receptors in the brain attached to stress. Tend and befriend - and how it disables us from helping other women rise The relationship big five : consciousnessnous, neuroticism, extroversion, agreeability, and openness.    Social media in the female brain - the power of empathy and connection in a positive view by engaging versus passive scrolling  We learn to become empathic Oxytocin binding hormone and the rumination tendencies in women Culturally creating Heterarchy versus Hierarchy in our words Power of language and optimism: Instead of saying “yes, but…” say “yes, and…” “Yes, but…” is often associated with a negative outlook. Practice positive reframing by thinking of positive things related to the situation. Using phrases like “Yes, and…” helps us consciously reframe situations. Stress and Trolley Research : a physical stressor (ice water) can flip a switch in the  brain which changes the initial emotional response to a more rational one. Share the Love:If you like The Awakened Beauty Podcast….Subscribe, Rate & Review via iTunesVisit us at for updates.Rich Beauty & Health Offerings: | www.beautyecology.comInstagram @kassandra_kuehlWatch on Youtube at my channel: Awaken Beauty PodcastShop natural health and beauty products with EVOQP.S! Your review is not only paramount in helping others discover the show, but we also read each and every submission personally…and they mean the world to us.Love and Light! - KassandraIn the Meantime, STAY IN THE CONVERSATION! @kassandra_kuehl About Tracy Packiam Alloway:Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD, is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. She has published fifteen books and over one hundred scientific articles on the brain and memory. Dr. Alloway shares her insights about the brain with Fortune 500 companies, and her research has been used in the New York Times,the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Bloomberg. As a teaching professor and in her private psychology practice based in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Alloway helps many women learn how to use their uniquely female brains to live their best lives.You can find her book here: