Tom Bilyeu: Never let your past be bigger than your future


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Prowess: Stories Of Leaders Who Have An Edge with Ashley Crouch


Are you living the life of your dreams or feeling a bit lackluster when you think about your current big picture? If you aren’t mingling within the ranks of your industry’s movers and shakers or living the lavish life of your dreams, have you ever considered that your mindset might be stopping you?   Ready to plunge forward into becoming the power player and industry-conqueror that you know is ready to be unleashed? Listen in to Episode Four of the Prowess Podcast as Ashley Crouch interviews Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition, and discusses his rise to triumph by changing his thought patterns, and enveloping himself in a growth mindset, while simultaneously deciding not to let his past overshadow his future.   Tune in now to hear how Tom overcame limiting beliefs by addressing his root belief system through narrative. You don’t want to miss his tips for adopting a growth mindset during minutes three and four! You’ll also learn why showing up for yourself, making yourself proud and concentrating your decisions to propel you forward will change your trajectory.   The main takeaways from this episode are: You have the ability to empower yourself, to overcome limiting beliefs and evolve your attitude, which will allow you to deploy a growth mindset. The glass ceiling is internal, not external.   Use affirmations. Declare the type of person that you want to be and then act in accordance to be proud of the person you are; be in alignment with the person you want to be.   Choose partners wisely, be in sync, communicate openly, and fulfill your roles. Follow Tom on socials by searching “@TomBilyeu.” Join the Media Masters community with Ashley Crouch.