“Two full grown ass lobsters”


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After The Gig


Today on the show we get into the return of indoor no cap shows,  being Tony Robbins, why returning to shows doesn't feel like that big of a deal, why drummers always want to be up front, and much more! Also, this podcast is available on video for patrons only!   Please subscribe!   https://linktr.ee/jessehumphrey   Email the podcast! afterthegigpod@gmail.com   Support the podcast!   The Merch store  Go to jessehumphrey.com and click the merch button on the homepage! NEW “OVER THE HUMP” MERCH!!    Exclusive Content is on the Patreon page! www.patreon.com/afterthegig     Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jhumphreymusic/ https://www.instagram.com/afterthegig/ @afterthegig @jhumphreymusic  #ontourwithjhumps