Ugliest Buildings, Part I: Brutalism


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Imposing concrete blocks surround New Yorkers, but WHY? Who built them?  Were they truly considered to be good decisions at the time?  Will we ever get rid of them?  (No.) Kathleen and guest host Jacquetta Szathmari from the top-rated podcast Hey You Know It discuss as many of these monstrosities as they can stomach. In part 1 of Ugliest Buildings, we discuss Brutalism in the city.  Checking out the Facebook page for the photos is an absolute imperative!! Check out co-host Jacquetta’s podcast Hey You Know It! Two of NYC’s worst buildings were featured in the Daily Mail’s 30 Ugliest Buildings In The World. Brutalism does have its fans, and they’re not 100% crazy. This episode of 99% Invisible has a lot of good info about why they think they way they do. Jacquetta mentioned Krull (1983), the dystopian sci fi pic that could have been set in the hulking buildings of lower Manhattan.  Starring baby Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane! A rare look inside 33 Thomas St, the former AT&T Long Lines building.  It's just as bad inside as out!! For more savage commentary on FIT, check out its NYC architecture page.