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Mr. Uttam Trasadiya

Mr. Uttam Trasadiya is a thought leader, a motivational speaker, leadership trainer and a business entrepreneur. He specializes in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential. As a keynote speaker, thousands of people have benefitted from his energetic workshops in all over Gujarat. Mr. Trasadiya is the founder of Gujrat’s leading non – governmental organization “Kalrav NGO”. Kalrav NGO is working for Education, Health Care and Social Development. Currently He is working as a General Administrator of Greenstone Granito Pvt Ltd, General Administrator of Greenzone Granito Pvt Ltd, General Administrator of Greenray Granito Pvt Ltd. And Managing Director of Greenvalley Trimpex LLP – Gandhidham. He is also managing editor of Gelo Gujarati E Magazine.which is founded in 2018 with the aim to promote Gujarati literature, writers and poets.Mr. Trasadiya’s areas of interest are Social work, Gujarati literature, Political surveys, and Comapany Management.He is honored by Government of Gujarat, Government of India, Government of UAE, Government of Republic China and many institutes and organizations for his social work and devotion towards the nation.

LinkedIn Link : https://linkedin.com/in/uptrasadiya