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The Guys are back this week to talk about the winners and losers of the week.  Last week someone gave out a GUARANTEE did it hit?  Recap last weeks pick 5 with Boomer and Cam did they come out with a winning week?  What are the hot games this weekend the guys are liking?  Will there be another GUARANTEE on the podcast?  More Top 25 matchups this week who are the guys liking and what will be the outcome?  Last but not least the guys will be breaking down their thoughts on the NFL games this week and giving out there pick 5 for the bet the board competition. Do or Don't like what you heard or Fading or Riding one of the guys picks let them know hit them up on twitter. @cameroncovers (Cam)                         @livewithboomer (Boomer) Find out more whats going on in the sports world besides just gambling at prosportsextra.com