What is Progress?


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Habits 4 Life


If you’re going somewhere, how will you know when you get there? And how will you know that you’re on track to your destination? I like to focus on three important measures of progress: Body composition: How much lean mass and body fat do you have? Health: Are your body systems operating well? Fitness and athletic performance: How do you perform in the gym or in your chosen activities? In other words: How do you look, feel, and perform? This is YOUR journey. So track what's important and meaningful to YOU. Ask yourself: What will tell me that I am getting better at doing what I want to do? How do I know I'm on track to my Destination Postcard? If I get what I want, how will I know? Look for progress everywhere You never know where progress may lurk. Keep an open mind, and hunt for it. You'll find that it's easier to let yourself go slowly if you can find small signs of everyday progress.