What's the Story? with Jo Painter | Meet Cara Wojciechowski


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What's The Story?

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Oh, the places you will go …. when you let the music take you there! For many young musicians, the musical dream is big. It was no different for Cara Wojciechowski. Cara started playing and singing at a very young age. For many of us loss gives us the opportunity for perspective. Cara lost a dear friend, also at a very young age. Cara’s parents encouraged her to volunteer hoping that would help her work through that loss. Find out how the experience became the seeds that blossomed into a career decision years later. Today Cara is a Music Therapist at Tower Health. She thought she would be working with terminally ill patients. Instead, she finds herself working with children, using her music to ease their stress in hospital situations. Turns out the whole family learns how to use music to visualize and lower stress levels. It’s no wonder when you hear her sing. Relax a little and enjoy Cara’s story.