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What's The Story?

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Styrofoam takes 4,000 years to decompose and cannot be recycled. Lisa Fecera Gifford didn’t like that. Lisa wholesales soup to retailers up and down the East Coast and was determined to find a better way to package samples so that the packaging could be re-used. That quest led her to discover Flipbox. After a weekend trip to Germany to meet with the manufacturer's, she and her husband became the sole distributors of Flipbox in North America. Soon after that visit they established their own business called ‘Stay Cool Hot Stuff’. Lisa is now a ‘regular’ on QVC, the home shopping network, where she is wildly successful. Lisa Fecera Gifford attributes her successful journey to mentors she has met along the way. She remains in a state of deep gratitude every day and talks about the importance of staying positive, putting daily intentions in the universe and believing in yourself. You’ve heard these things before, now meet Lisa as she bears witness to the power of positivity and gratitude. Lisa and her husband Michael are committed to giving back to the community. They work to offer a ‘hand up’ to those who may be struggling by offering them employment opportunities when new shipments arrive and need to be packaged for sale. Lisa is still working on that ‘sample package’ design and is connected to the right people to bring that dream to fruition. Tune in and get inspired by what gratitude and positive intention can do for you! Don’t forget to visit www.staycoolhotstuff.com