Wild Water for whisky


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On this episode of Scran, Rosalind takes a deep dive into a relatively new business - Larkfire - a canned Scottish water company that is billed as wild water for whisky.Rosalind is joined by James Mcintosh and Alan Moffat from Larkfire alongside whisky consultant Mitch Bechard to discuss how a dram in a London pub led to James travelling around Scotland to find the most neutral water available in order to can it for Larkfire. We also chat about the significance of the name and how James and Alan hope that by offering a completely neutral water - with low minerals and no added chlorine or fluoride - more people will be drawn to whisky. Mitch gives his thoughts from a whisky expert point of view, and they tell me how the industry has reacted to their product. They also share their must-drink desert island drams.