"You DIDN'T See Moria?!" | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 17


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YAP - Yet Another Podcast


In this episode we are joined by podcast quiz mastermind Jay, most known from the Veteran Gamers Quiz of Yesteryearrrr! In this episode we debate how long you should watch something before turning it off, when is the right time to watch a depressing movie and much more. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this episode of Gabbing About Movies! As always, timestamps with what we talk about, when and if spoilers are talked about: 2:40 - Forrest Gump [1994] (spoilers)29:00 - Better Call Saul S5 [2020]29:57 - Tiger King [2020]32:22 - Sorry We Missed You [2019]40:23 - Oslo 31st of August [2011]43:11 - Before Sunset [2004]57:06 - Before Midnight [2013] (spoilers)1:06:38 - Underwater [2020]1:21:10 - Portrait Of A Lady On Fire [2019]1:35:57 - Avengers Endgame [2019](spoilers)1:39:45 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [2001] (Pitchforks at the ready)2:07:41 - REC [2007]2:25:11 - Love, Wedding, Repeat [2020]2:28:54 - Primer [2004]2:33:02 - Disney+2:41:38 - List Of The Month with Jonas Lien! (Coming of age/Teen movies) For next month Jonas has A Bronx Tale [1993] to watch while Antonio has A Prophet [2009]. Thanks for watching, be sure to drop us a tweet if ya wanna come on the show.   https://letterboxd.com/GHRocker/https://letterboxd.com/jonlie95/ https://twitter.com/HeavyEvilhttps://twitter.com/jonlie95