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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hubhopper?

Hubhopper is India’s largest directory of podcasts and publishers. Our website and mobile apps let you listen to audio shows and read news and stories all in one simple, beautiful experience. Browse through thousands of podcasts and publishers across a wide range of categories and discover content that speaks to you - any time, any place.

Is Hubhopper free?

Yes, Hubhopper is absolutely free for users!

How do I install the Hubhopper app?

You can find the Hubhopper app for Android on the Google Play Store, and for iOS on the App Store.

Can I use Hubhopper while using other apps?

Yes, you can! The best thing about podcasts is that they’re audio shows and stories that can continue playing in the background, while your phone is locked or while you’re using other apps.

Note that it won’t overlap with other media though, so if you’re listening to a podcast on Hubhopper and then start watching a video, your podcast will pause playback.

How do I log in/out of Hubhopper?

On our apps, if you’re not already logged in, you can easily log into Hubhopper by going to the MyHub page (the last option in the tab bar at the bottom of your screen), where the page will prompt you to log in. From the window that pops up, you can choose to seamlessly log in using your Google and Facebook accounts, or you can log in or sign up via email.

To logout, you’ll find the “Logout” option within the Edit Profile section of the Settings menu (accessible from the MyHub page).

On our website, you’ll find a “Log In | Sign Up” button on the header if you’re on the homepage, and if you’re on any page, you’ll find a login prompt in the left-hand navigation.

The “Logout” option is then shown at the bottom of the left-hand navigation, and in the drop-down menu when you click on your profile picture in the header.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of audio files made available for streaming or downloading on computers and smartphones. These can take the form of stories, shows, music, interviews, panel discussions, stand-up sets, reviews, tutorials – almost any type of show across any genre you can think of! An episode typically ranges from anywhere between 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Do I have to pay to listen to podcasts?

Not on Hubhopper! While there may be some services out there that charge users for listening to podcasts, Hubhopper and all the podcasts on it are completely free for users.

Can I listen to podcasts without logging in?

Yes, you can! You can listen to any episode from any podcast on Hubhopper without logging in, but you won’t be able to subscribe to it or download any episodes until you log in.

Can I subscribe to podcasts without logging in?

No, we ask that you please log in before subscribing to any podcasts. If you really don’t want to log in, don’t worry, you can still listen to any episodes from any podcast available on Hubhopper!

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

If you go to any podcast page by tapping on its name or icon, you can subscribe to that podcast by tapping on the orange “Subscribe” button next to the icon. A successful subscription should turn this button into a tick, and that podcast will then be listed in your “My Podcasts” list on the Listen page.

How do I unsubscribe from a podcast?

You can unsubscribe from a podcast by entering the podcast page and tapping on the orange tick next to the icon - this will turn the tick into a button that says “Subscribe” and remove the podcast from your “My Podcasts” list on the Listen page.

How do I play an episode?

Wherever you see a list of episodes, you can play the episode directly by tapping on the episode icon on the left. You can also play the episode by tapping the episode name/details to open the episode description window, where you’ll also see a play button.

Where can I find the description of an episode?

Wherever you see a list of episodes, you can see the episode description by tapping on the episode name/details (tapping on the icon will play the episode) – this will open the episode description window.

Can I listen to episodes offline?

If you’re using the Hubhopper app, then yes! You can download individual episodes by tapping on the download icon next to each episode, and this will save the episode offline so that you can listen to it whenever you don’t have access to mobile data or Wi-Fi. All your downloaded episodes are listed in the “My Downloads” section, accessible from the Listen page.

You can remove a download by tapping on the orange cross next to the episode that signifies that the episode is currently downloaded. Removing a download will also remove it from your “My Downloads” list.

Where can I see what podcasts and episodes I’ve already heard?

On the Listen page, you can view the episodes you’ve already heard by going to the “Previously Played” section. This page lists anything you’ve played or listened to, sorted by newest to oldest.

How do I save an individual episode?

Currently you can’t save or bookmark episodes on Hubhopper, but it’s a feature that we’re already working on. In the meantime, we suggest subscribing to the podcasts that contain the episodes, so that you can still keep track of them.

Can I see what episodes will play next?

You can see the list of next episodes from the media player. After tapping on the mini-player to open the full-screen player, on the Android app you will see a queue icon in the top right which will open the list of upcoming episodes, while on iOS you just need to swipe up to reveal the list below. You can tap on any of these episodes to play them directly from the list.

Can I read news on Hubhopper?

Yes! Hubhopper isn’t just for listening to podcasts. We have RSS feeds from hundreds of news and content publishers across genres from India and around the world, including names such as NDTV, Vogue, GQ, BBC, Mashable, Cricinfo, Scoop Whoop, Forbes and many more.

You can subscribe to publishers just like how you subscribe to podcasts, by tapping on the name/icon to open their publisher page and then tapping on the “Subscribe” button.

What is a “dose”?

A dose is what we call posts from our publishers. They’re bite-size intros and summaries of articles, linked back to the original full-length articles.

How do I save doses?

You can engage with doses by tapping on the heart, share and bookmark icons. The bookmark icon lets you save a dose to personalised bookmark albums, which you can curate and keep track of in the “Bookmarks” section of the MyHub page.

Any dose that you love (by tapping on the heart icon) will also automatically be added to you MyHub page, in the “Loves” section.

Can I be a podcaster or publisher on Hubhopper?

100%, yes! We welcome any and all content creators. To create your own podcast or publisher channel on Hubhopper, please get in touch with us ( to let us know whether you’d like to be a podcaster or publisher with us and we’ll take the conversation from there.

How do I publish on Hubhopper?

If you’re a content creator of any kind and want to start publishing your written content, visit to get started right away! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us ( if you need any assistance, we’re happy and eager to help.

How do I start a new podcast on Hubhopper?

We want to encourage and enable people to create more top-quality podcasts, so we’re currently building a podcast hosting panel to help with that. In the meantime, our Channel Account Managers can help you through the process of getting started – simply get in touch with us ( to get the conversation started!

What if my podcast is already on Hubhopper?

As a podcast and publisher aggregator, discovery and free distribution platform, we regularly get requests from our audiences and add to our catalogue of content through RSS feeds to make sure users are able to consume the best and latest podcasts out there. We don’t claim ownership over or modify any of the podcasts sourced from these feeds, we simply ensure that this content can reach as many users as possible through our applications and third-party distribution channels.

If you’ve found your podcast on Hubhopper and would like it to be removed from the catalogue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (, we’ll be happy to comply and take it down.

How do I report any bugs or submit a request for a new feature?

Whether it’s to point out a problem they’re facing or a feature they would to see, we love hearing from our users. So please get in touch with us ( and share whatever you have to say – we’ll be listening!