Absolutely F*****g Not-Life & Times of a Millennial.


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Daybarisopen, gives you his take of what being a “millennial” really is. Sharing his unique and global perspective on all things millennial.

Episode 20: Humble

Episode 20: Humble - On this episode @daybarisopen discusses his most humbling moments. Moments where he walked into them assuming one thing and got t...
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Episode 19: Say Less

Episode 19- Say Less : On this episode we invite AFN Alumni, Sam Homcil, back to the show. We catch up on how things have been with Sam since we last ...
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Episode 18: Just Go!

Episode 18: Just Go! - On this episode @daybarIsOpen challenges his fellow millennials on the idea that it “isn’t the right time to go on a trip”. He ...
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Episode 17: Catching L’s

Episode 17: Catching L’s - In this episode @daybarisopen discusses the importance of “Catching L’s” in life. In those moments where we are defeated we...
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Episode 16: It’s Real

Episode 16: It’s Real - On this episode @daybarisopen , talks about how the transition to the new year is going. Not well. He talks about the differen...
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Episode 15: Options

Episode 15: Options—-On this episode @daybarisopen questions how big of a role the options we have growing up plays in our future? He is joined by Ami...
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Episode 14: Absolutely Dribbling

Episode 14: Absolutely Dribbling. On this episode @daybarisopen is joined by fellow podcasters @mannydigital and Emilio_thepoet from @dribblendimes. T...
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Episode 13: Minimal Expectations

Episode 13: Minimal Expectations. On this episode @daybarisopen, discusses the struggles and dilemmas he faces when he’s visiting home. When visiting ...
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Episode 11: Nahh, I’m good.

Episode 11: Nahh, I’m good — In this episode @daybarisopen, talks about the optimism of Millennials and tries to find out if this optimism is hurting ...
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