Absolutely Nothing Going On


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I have absolutely nothing going on and I'm dying to bore you with it. Witness the formation of a truly (un)remarkable podcast.


My less than triumphant return could just be my encore bow. Also... Will I be able to get out of debt in time to own a DeLorean-Hummer-El Camino? Alwa...
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Crazy landlord stories, stroke victim's rundown on rugby tournaments, the layman's renewable energy update, YouTube mockery... What doesn't this episo...
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Pits & Grails & Puppy dog nails

Shout out to all the McDonald's millennials! I talk pro wrestling and mystery bordering on conspiracy while highlighting a couple of my favorite shows...
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So, this is Christmas?

WARNING: Santa spoilers! Do NOT listen unless you are prepared for what you may discover. ? My lovely wife joins for a riveting cerebral breakdown of ...
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I've Got My Eye On You

I blather on about how Elvis is responsible for overpopulation and trample all over the science of rods and cones. Don't forget to file your ppwk... P...
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Save Yourself

A less than triumphant return episode where I apparently am getting into politics, rant incessantly about my cracked windshield like it's supposed to ...
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The Cuckisode

Is "Cuck" a bad word? Manny and I try to bring pops up to speed on the subject. Also, Pops tells stories about his dad and granddaddy's government ser...
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The Henrietta Experience

Manny and I talk real about what he's been doing with his life for the past decade. His band Henrietta plays their last ever show on 4.20.18 and I do ...
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