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Listen in as PaulE muses about life and explores the world of sound and music.

13: Intermission

What a year. On this episode I recap my perspective on the last few months and touch on how ideas alone may snowball into sociopolitical paradigms.
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12: Stranded!

Have you ever been kept alone for a while? Sometimes life gives you all lemons and no sugar -- bitter circumstances. But, on the plus side, you get a ...
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11: Fear Box | Controlled Chaos

My thoughts and interpretations of the general reaction to media pressures and quarantined life. Also addressed: words and the power semantic manipula...
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10: Kebin | Not As She Seemed

Los Angeles rapper, journalist, hood enigma, spiritual medium, and 2019 Foos Gone Wild Foo of the Year runner up, Kevin Rip n Dip is on our show! Join...
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9: Meet Me at the Fork in the Road

Guest speakers! Tonight we talk about foreign lands and the idea of 'civic compatibility' or just how in tune we are to the places we live in or visit...
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8: Giving Up the Ghost

Happy Halloween! There are some who believe that those who have passed on still play a part in our lives and the circumstances we meet on a daily basi...
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7: Ulterior Motives

This week is major. Being someone so fascinated with the darker aspects of life, I am delighted to have spoken with an expert on infidelity: Detective...
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6: Time Lost in Love

Do you text or call? Do you spectate or participate in life? On this episode I review beer and discuss life in terms of time and quality.  *Introducin...
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5: Club Bdon in the VIP Room

Back into the audio party as usual:  On this episode we have Plague Vendor vocalist (and friend), Brandon Blaine with us! Get ready to hear a whole lo...
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4: Baggage Fees

Back on a Wednesday for a mid-week jammer. Tonight we have Christopher Sky back with us to regale us with the happenings of his UK tour this past Dece...
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