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Join serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Mike Pettigrew and discover the most effective ways to achieve your goals and create the life you want. Achieve your goals 10 times faster using strategies, tools and techinques that have been scientifically proved to work. In this podcast you will learn how the world's most successful people think. You will find out what they do to achieve their goals faster, and create lives of deep fulfilment and meaning. Copy these simple strategies for yourself and start achieving your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Mike Pettigrew is the author of the number 1 Amazon bestseller "The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World" and helps ordinary people to create extraordinary lives.

How to Inspire Others

Learn simple ways to become an inspiration to others, and open the door to your own deep lasting happiness.
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How to Break Monotony

There are really simple, effective ways of breaking through monotony that enable you to bring more joy and energy into your life.
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Affirmations for Children

Affirmations help children to overcome limiting beliefs, and create self-confidence. They also help improve self-esteem, and counteract negative condi...
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How to Think Big

Learn powerful yet simple ways to start thinking big, so you can start living the life you always wanted.
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Affirmations for Kids

Discover why affirmations for kids are so powerful. And how they can help your child develop greater self confidence, build self-esteem, and counterac...
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Why You MUST Upskill

Online learning is the way of the future, and unless you start upskilling soon, you could get left far behind. 
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