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The podcast all about Bigfoot and all things cryptid in Alaska

Top Ten Alascary Movies!

Continuing our Halloween celebration, I sit down in the studio with my wife and we discuss our top picks for good movies to watch during the Halloween...
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Missing in Alaska

Alaska is notorious for how many people allegedly go missing there. Join me as I go over some of the more mysterious disappearances that have occurred...
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Return of the Alaska Triangle

A quick review of new season 2 episodes of the Travel Channel's The Alaska Triangle, as well as an update on the mystery eye-shine in the documentary,...
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Army Rangers vs Bigfoot

I speak with a former Army Ranger and Law Enforcement Officer who details two encounters. Plus an update on the mysterious Area "A"   Alasquatch Podca...
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Bigfoot Eyeshine?

I got an interesting email informing me of some possible eye shine spotted in the documentary, Bigfoot Encounters in the Pacific Northwest. Join me as...
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Area A Update

Join me as I give a brief update on the mysterious "Area A" and also do my best to keep my composure while a moose looks at me through my window. Head...
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Brushes With Bigfoot: Book Review

Join me as I give a review of J. Robert Alley's new book, Brushes with Bigfoot Sasquatch Behaviors Reported in Close Encounters, Native and Non-Native...
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Metaline Falls Wrapup

I give a quick rundown of my experiences at the 2021 Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival.   Metaline Falls Slideshow Alasquatch Podcast Website Bigfoot of...
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