All Things Spooky

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Welcome to All Things Spooky with Des and Kay ! In this podcast we will talk about all things creepy including murders, conspiracy theories, folklore, and more spooky goodness. Tell us your spooky stories at so we can share your stories on episodes!

Chai Tea

In this week’s episode, Des dives into the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke and Kay discusses the history of the Connecticut amusement park Lake Compounce.
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What Spooks You ?

In this episode, Des and Kay welcome their special guests and answer a couple of spooky questions.
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Who, What, Where?

In this episode, Kay discusses Dulce Maria Alavez, a missing 5-year-old from New Jersey, and Des delves into the case of Brandon Lawson, a missing mal...
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Talk To Me Spooky

In this episode, Des and Kay talk about the infamous Delphine LaLaurie Mansion and the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony.
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