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Each week I highlight a different advertising mascot from the past, present and even future. I talk about their history, the people who created it, the impact they have on pop culture and i play some iconic commercials.

Episode 34 - Lil' Sweet

Are you looking for something Sweeeeeet? Look no further cause in this episode I give you something lil' and sweet. I'm talking about that falsetto si...
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Episode 33 - The Energizer Bunny

It's the podcast that keeps going and going. On this episode I talk about the lovable pink bunny with a battery of gold. I'm talk about the one and on...
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Episode 32 - Speedy Alka Seltzer

On today's show we go back to an infomercial for I Love Lucy! Well, I'm not to sure on that one. They were around the same time so maybe Alka Seltzer ...
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Episode 31 - Twinkie the Kid

Yee-Haw! This week we are talking about a cowboy who masquerades as a twinkie. I'm talking about Twinkie the Kid! I talk about his history, the cup th...
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Episode 30 - Morris the Cat

Cats really do have 9 Lives don't they? Well, in this episodes i explore that by talking about 9 Living lovable mascot Morris the Cat. I talk about th...
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Episode 29 - The White Knight

In this episode I go back to a time where dirt was a strong life force and Ajax was stronger. I talk about The White Knight from Ajax. I talk about hi...
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This is just a small welcome back episode to let you know guys know where I've been, what's going on and so on. New shows of Amazing Advertising will ...
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TTAHA - Episode 1 - Alpha Beta

Welcome to Things That Aren't Here Anymore, the podcast where we talk about companies that just aren't here anymore. This is our first episode just to...
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