Art Monthly Talk Show


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Art Monthly's regular visual art discussion programme presented by Matt Hale and Chris McCormack broadcast by Resonance FM. Each month writers from the London-based contemporary art magazine discuss topics featured in the current issue.

Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman discusses the history of destruction both of and in art, and Jes Fernie’s Archive of Destruction.
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John Smith

Artist John Smith discusses his pandemic-era video works ‘Citadel’ and ‘Covid Messages’ with writer Alexandra Hull.
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Tom Denman

Tom Denman argues that further colonial and racial violences are at play in the institutional framing of so-called post-race and post-black discourses...
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Tom Denman & Sophie J Williamson

Tom Denman and Sophie J Williamson discuss artists who counteract paradigms of racial representation, and also those who reveal unspoken taboos in art...
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Mark Wilsher & Adam Heardman

Mark Wilsher and Adan Heardman consider the notion of presence in art during a pandemic and discuss Elizabeth Price’s Artangel video installation ‘Slo...
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