Arts Round Up


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Simon Bertin presents the show that profiles creative people in Cambridge and visits artists at work. There are also interviews with playwrights, live performances and book reviews with local writers.

Cambridge Arts Roundup 04/04/2020

In this programme: award winning artist and coastal ecologist Vincent Hyland takes us beneath the waves with his marine and environmental work in Derr...
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Arts Round Up 16/06/2018

In this episode Simon Bertin visits the talent at Cambridge School of Art Fine Art Degree show; hears about the threat to CB2 Cafe in Norfolk street’s...
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Arts Round Up 07/04/2018

In this episode we look at talented young musicians and how funding cuts might affect opportunities for the local stars of the future; We go to the Ca...
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Arts Round-Up 31/05/2014

In this month’s Arts Round Up Simon Bertin talks to Dr Mark Eliot curator of the exhibition The Buddah’s Word the life of books in Tibet and Beyond at...
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Arts Round-Up 26/04/2014

Simon Bertin visits artist Nicola Powys exhibiting at Williams Art; hears about crime writing with Cambridge author Jill Paton Walsh; talks to Lucy Al...
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