As The Story Grows


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Finding the humanity in an industry full of monsters.

Joe Cotela from Ded

Chapter 272 - "I Was Sick of the Music Industry" read by Joe Cotela of DedThis week we welcome Ded frontman Joe Cotela to the podcast. Ded will ...
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Cody Quistad of Wage War

Chapter 271 - "A Lot Of Weird Things Happened Last Year" read by Cody Quistad of Wage WarThis week Wage War guitarist and clean vocalist Cody Qu...
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Tyler Small from Saving Vice

Chapter 270 - "All My Best Ideas I Can't Use" read by Tyler Small from Saving ViceThis week Tyler Small, vocalist for Saving Vice joins the podc...
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Tre and Johnny from Spirit Breaker

Chapter 268 - "Pure Fury and Wonder" read by Tre and Johnny of Spirit BreakerThis week we welcome Tre Turner and Johnny Allor from Solid State R...
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Charlie Mahoney of Flight Club

Chapter 267 - "If You Don't Like One Song, I Guarantee You'll Find That's Good" read by Charlie Mahoney of Flight ClubThis week Charlie Mahoney ...
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Sean McCulloch of Phinehas

Chapter 266 - "A Lot of Time to Look In the Mirror" read by Sean McCulloch of PhinehasThis week we welcome Phinehas frontman Sean McCulloch to t...
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Robin and Lela from Venues

Chapter 265 - "Closing Chapters & Starting New Things" read by Robin and Lela from VenuesThis week we welcome Robin and Lela from Stuttgart Germ...
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We Demand Parachutes

Chapter 264 - "It Takes A Village" read by We Demand Parachutes This week, Kevin, Ben, and Seth from We Demand Parachutes join the podcast. I ta...
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