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Join Evan Sunwall and Ayan Bihi as they discuss topics about the profession of User Experience Design (UX). Learn about the people who work hard behind the scenes to ensure your daily life is less frustrating and more successful. In each episode, Ayan and Evan engage in sincere, down-to-earth conversations about design techniques, interview special guests, or give practical career advice to help your own UX career lift off!


Helpful Links The World's First Resume - Pay attention to how Leonardo adjusted his resume to communicate how he’d help address the city of Milan’s ne...
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UX Career Transitions

Helpful Links CX vs. UX: What’s the Difference? - an article by Rafał Warniełło comparing and contrasting the broader domain of customer experience ve...
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Deceptive Design

Helpful Links – Harry Brignull’s original list of these deceptive design practices. Edited by Alexander Darlington.Dark Patterns at S...
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Working in a Pandemic

Helpful Links Welcome Stamp Program - looking for a change of scenery? To make up for falling tourism revenue, some countries are offering special vis...
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UX Education - Part 2

Helpful Links The Rise of (UX) Educational Programs – an article by Lee Okan with more details on the state of UX education.International Usability an...
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UX Education - Part 1

Helpful Links – Visit Kaiting Huang’s very thorough website indexing university UX programs and online courses. It’s an amazing resour...
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Agency Recruiters

Helpful Links Simplehuman trashcan – short video from Simplehuman, if you’re curious about the trashcan Evan mentioned.Aquent/Vitamin T – if you’d lik...
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Helpful Links History of human factors – A short video by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority explaining some of the history of human factors ...
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