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Aja & Aja answer your questions about sex, relationships, health, music and everything in between.

Ep17- Trust Your (Bubble) Gut

Aja & Aja talk Valentines Day, does good dick AND a good man exist, being rejected, fucking with a yeast infection, embarrassing sex moments, pussy fa...
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Ep16 - Just Friends

Aunty Chokes & Comedian Clinton Coley (Advice From a F*ckboy) collab podcasts and discuss their 14 year friendship, hooking up in college, a partner t...
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Ep15 - Lovers Rock

When does anal feel good?? I don't like myself. Insecure. 2.5 feet of cock. Sex: With or without mental connection? Dating for single mothers. Not nas...
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Ep14 - Supa Dupa Fly

19 & never been kissed. My girl's sex is trash. What does love feel like? Dear 21 year old me. I wanna fuck buddy. I have herpes. Sex bucket-list.
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Ep12 - Hard Core

Special guest - Comedian D'Lai He likes ass play - is he gay?? Boss up on the dick! Sliding in her DMs. Circle jerk. Catdicking. I cheated, should I c...
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Ep11 - Still da Baddest

Fucking right, we're B A C K for season 2: Cant make him cum. Sex = happy? Moving with bae. Sugar baby. Seeking: +1 for 3some. Sex, with or without me...
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Ep. 10 - DAMN

Drake & Kendrick album. Stank pussy. Cool with the ex's family. Felon friend. Coachella.
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