At The Disney Movies With the Harts


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Podcasting our way through over 400 movies one Disney+ click at a time. Each week we pick a movie at random and let fate decide what film to watch. Followed up with discussion and an overall rating. Kelly has seen a lot of Disney movies, David has seen barely any, together we uncover new favorites. Watch them with us!


Join us for this week's episode "Tangled". We talk cradle robbing, parental grief, the gravitational power of guilt, hot criminals, and the two undefe...
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Napolean & Samantha

Join us for this week's episode "Napoleon and Samantha". We talk bottle kids, candy drunk horses, milk drink lions, grandpa the sailor man, smoke sho...
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The Love Bug

Join us for this week's episode "The Love Bug" (1968). We talk washed up racers, classy car groupies, philosophical fat hippies, car envy, every race ...
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Join us for this this week's episode "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". We talk millennials, pure embarrassment, weird "Uncle's", hot chick-nerd love, blowi...
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The Boatniks

Join us for this week's episode "The Boatniks". We talk '70's SoCal, the return of the Skrinks, stuffing jewels in your bologna, boat chicks, the diff...
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