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The week in autism research discoveries

Is Autism Inflammation Nation?

Several studies have linked the immune system to autism, but how are they connected? Two new studies this week illustrate differences in immune functi...
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Watershed moments in development

Autism diagnosis at 3 years of age isn’t something that happens suddenly. It evolves, there are deficits seen early on and markers that are evident pr...
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What I like about you.

This week is a “brick-a-brack”: of topics. They include: 1. how COVID-19 is especially dangerous for people with neurodevelopmental disorders; 2. how ...
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Parents! Parents! Parents!

Parents are now used as intervention partners through a design called parent-mediated intervention. It started to be studied before the pandemic but h...
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“Profound” Autism

On Tuesday, the journal Lancet published a 2+ year long endeavor around understanding the heterogeneity of autism not just in features but in access t...
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How the Pandemic Affected Parents

You have heard a lot about how the pandemic affected those with a diagnosis – and it isn’t good. Recent studies have turned their attention to stress ...
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