Average Sports by Average Guys

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They're striving for average - A couple of guys catch up on a week of professional sports.


Has the world seen a breakthrough moment with athletes and their mental health? The 2020 Olympics are finally underway with the medal totals are quick...
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On this edition of ASAG, Eric & Ty make some tough choices. The NHL has crowned a champion while the NBA is nearing naming its own. Plus, the Olympics...
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Between the NBA & NHL finals, mid summer baseball, MLS, tennis, biking, golf and the 2020 Olympics, Its the summer of sports; but are fans forgetting ...
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After some time away, the guys are back with episode 10. On this episode, catch up on the latest standings for the nba and nhl playoffs and the mls re...
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Playoff pictures are set for both the NHL and NBA, and on this edition of ASAG Eric & Ty bring takes on what the next best ways to consume sports will...
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This episode is all about that baseball and when rules have certain intentions but carry unexpected consequences.
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On this edition of ASAG, Eric provides some insight on what's expected for next week's NFL draft while Ty discusses the latest headlines from around s...
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In the age of covid restriction, what sporting event would you like to see live? As opening day for the MLB is upon us, Eric & Ty breakdown what to ex...
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With spring approaching, Eric and Ty get ready by looking ahead of the future of a young franchise and their soon to be gone star QB. NBA rankings are...
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