Awareness and Action


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Leaders, Lawyers, CEO's Entrepreneurs need Awareness and Action as well as Attraction Marketing to break through and make changes in life. This blends spiritual law with real-life actionable lessons, tips, and discussions to help you succeed in any of your business endeavors. Attraction Marketing is hosted by a seasoned Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, and Spiritual Teacher. Attraction Marketing is about blending the power of your spirit in the real world to attract success and happiness in your life.

How to avoid burn out

We all need time to relax and recharge the batteries. I am perhaps failing in that way myself and through my own story and that of my students, i am s...
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Transforming The Youth Of Today

Ann Gerard has a passion and that passion is to help transform the youth of today into the visions of a better future. Join Ann and Jock as they discu...
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Follow your own path to awakening

Do you have a desire for change and to awaken to your own power within. This episode with spiritual business coach Jock Brocas will help you understan...
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Danny Skulls Mindset Shift

With a name like Danny Skulls, he could only be some kind of rapper or music artist, but that might shock you. Danny and Jock talk about mindset and w...
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The Secret Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a power, it is not a tool or a skill that you learn. However, when you understand that power and that Divine aspect of the power you ha...
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The Secret To Happiness

Most people search for happiness all their lives and so many Gurus and masters will give you many tools to recognize happiness. The problem with it, i...
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Helene I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

In this Episode Transformational Coach Helene Meyers talks about her choices, her tranformation and what makes her story unique that other's can learn...
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