Ay, There's the Rub


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Hunter Lindner and Bekah Purifoy try to navigate life as young artists.

College - Ep. 5

Hunter and Bekah recount their experiences with a professional theatre training program and the struggles that come with it.
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Struggling Theatre Artist - Ep. 4

While it's difficult being a young artist in general, the path of a theatre artist presents unique challenges and obstacles. Bekah and Hunter speak ab...
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Mental Illness Part 1 - Ep. 3

We're joined by guest host theatre artist Carleigh Obrochta. In this two part series, Hunter and Carleigh discuss their personal experiences with ment...
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The Dreaded First Year - Ep. 2

Every artist goes through it. Even if you don't go to school, that first year diving in is always the hardest. We tell our stories and explore the uni...
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Being an Artist - Ep. 1

Being an artist is hard. Being a young artist is even harder. Whether it's grappling with student debt, feeling insecure with your skill set, or deali...
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