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Does Squid Game Need a 2nd Season?

Hot topics include: New movie trailers The Social media shutdown frenzy Zuckerburg lose 7B during shutdown Orlando Brown overcome addiction David Alan...
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Did Candyman live up to its hype?

Hot topics include: RIP Comedian AJ Johnson and Norm MacDonald; Fat Joe & JaRule Verzuz battle controversy; Nikki Minaj vs The World; Arkansas Mo faci...
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Top 5 Black Drama Movies

Hot topics include: Jamie Spears end conservatorship; VMA's looks and performances; Singer Jaheim in trouble; new movie trailers, Mute it or Reboot it...
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Top 5 Black Horror Films

Hot topics included: New movie trailers, New Mute or Reboot it, RIP Michael K. Williams, Drake disses Kanye, Kanye diss track "leaked", Nikki tries to...
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Top 5 Black Sitcoms

Hot topics include: New movie trailers, New MUTE it or REBOOT it, Candy Man's Success at the box office, Kanye New Album Drama, RIP Greg Leakes, Scarl...
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Top 5 Best Black Comedy Movies

Hot topics include: Mayim Bialik may be New Jeopardy Host, Twitter has a new feature, Dr. Fauci pandemic predictions, Get off Lizzo's nuts!, Birds of ...
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