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A channel for laughs, reviews, real life scenarios, and fun nights. So sit back relax and let me speak my mind and try to entertain you. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Mr.b3ssspodcast/support

Sorry I’m back

Just a nice little episode with my good friend Mike again. Talking ish rating movies talking about sports etc. Enjoy and I love y’all
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Season 2 ep 5

I got another random on today. Mike agreed to come back again! We’re talking about the Nets and what’s going on with that nor’easter
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Season 2 ep.4 randomness

Mike returning for yet another episode and you already know how that goes. Best friends talking crap, sports, and things that randomly happened to us....
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2021 Happy new year!

I’m back and on the ep we’re just chatting about what has happened the last few months and some random chatter. Please enjoy the show and it you want ...
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Season 2 ep. 2 Solo action

Update on what's going on and how things been going during this Corona shhhhhh---- --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Mr.b3ssspodcast/support
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Season 2 meh!

This ep is about having good friends around and classic moments I've had with my guest. Sit back relax, drive, eat, shower, go on break and enjoy this...
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Ep. 7 guest action

Special guest johnny and his friend David. Were out here chilling and having a BBQ while recording some random moments down here in Orlando florida. A...
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My experience at a random audition with my cousin. Also some talk NFL playoffs and NBA news
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