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Hey everybody welcome to the B.A. Man Podcast. We talk about manly, brave, and stupid news and stories from all over the globe, including personal f****d up stories. We plan on doing weekly podcasts and posting them every Sunday night. Thanks for tuning in.

Episode 5: Shootin' Shit One

This is episode #5! We're just shootin' the shit in this one, and talking about a bunch of stories and one thing to do before you die. Let us know if ...
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Episode 4: Lucky Horse

Today we've got some wild stories including a lucky horse, a ballsy college grad, dumbass (but hero) of the week, embarrassing personal story, and a w...
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Episode 3: Going to Space

Welcome to episode 3! We talk about the International Space Station, the dumbass (or hero) of the week, a story from Ben, and the Indy 500. Thanks for...
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Episode 1: Welcome to the show!

Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of the B.A. Man podcast. We talk about news and events that involve bravery, badassery, and a little stupidity. Also th...
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