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Andy and Evan watch bad TV shows so you don't have to.

Take Me Home, I-Land Roads

Hi there! This we'll be our last episode for a while. Andy and I decided to take a break until we come back for season 3. TTFN! We're back to the I-La...
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I-Land 3: Wetter Than Ever

Well friends, The I-Land continues to astound and amaze by introducing new characters (Nurse Ratched and Cowboy Warden), even more fight scenes, and f...
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The Thin Med Line Pt. 2

We watched The Resident again. And guess what? We've got a fever. And the only prescription? More Winston Duke. Topics for discussion: CEO HODAD, hosp...
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The Thin Med Line

We watched The Resident, and y'all? "He... is SO dead." Topics for discussion: Evan's got a crush, swirly serpents, 'were you a dick on the way over h...
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The Full Madam

We went back to Tiny Pretty Things! And y'all, errybody fuckin' errybody. Evan postulates an imaginary husband. Andy argues TPT is a QAnon fantasy. Dr...
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I-Land 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

We went back to The I-Land. And we're going back again? This is terrible. Evan crafts the perfect joke, but it only exists in his imagination. Andy im...
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How the Grinch Stole Poirot

To celebrate his birthday Evan goes deep on his Hercule Poirot fandom as we recap The ABC Murders. Andy claims A.B.C. is an incel, and probably he's r...
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Olivia Munn in the Italian Sun

Happy Valentine's day! To celebrate we watched Love Wedding Repeat. Digressions include Dudi Jench, Sudafed, Savannah Guthrie's exercise routine, Sam ...
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Between: Less Than

Lord of the Flies meets The Stand in Between. Weirdly, Evan's the one who gets obsessed with details in this episode. A young boy stabs himself, but r...
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