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B.A.E.--- An Authentic Voice For Young Black Millennials

MCU's Phase IIII

It's B.A.E. and we're back for a special edition podcast with the day 1 homie Royal Shepherd. Royal and I are marvel fanatics and thought with all of ...
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Spring in the Nola

Welcome to the New Orleans March Madness! After returning from Nola from my sisters' 40th birthday I had whole new energy. reminiscing about dancing d...
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Montreal for Labor Day

This Canadian City has a reputation for being the craziest party city in North America! That's a serious claim. So for Labor Day weekend, I decided I ...
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Welcome to Atlanta

The black motha fucking Mecca. Atlanta. Buzzing with all my undergrad friends, acquaintances, and everything in-between from FAMU. Eryybody tryna make...
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2018 NBA Preview

The raptors are 5-0 and the Lakers got their second win last night. Cleveland is still winless and shit Steph made 11 three’s and scored 51 points in ...
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Summer Stories

It’s cold as fuck and it went from like 80 degrees to 40 degrees in 2 days. Hurricane Michael been fucking shit up. Global Warming is real and I alrea...
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Summer is Over

Summer is Over. If I’m honest about it I’m sad AF. From traveling to Brazil, Barcelona, and Montreal to tearing down NYC for my 30th birthday this sum...
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Fuck Nigga or Bitch Nigga

Bitch Nigga or Fuck Nigga? 2 of my favorite identifying pronouns. Why so harsh Angry Educated Black Man? Well of late I’ve been reading the “Subtle Ar...
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