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NBA history podcast by Michael Chiappini and Philip Derbesy. Dive into the discourse with us. New episodes every Wednesday.

98 - Vince Carter

This week, we cover Air Canada's rise to fame with the fledgling Raptors, all his sick dunks, his fall from grace after a forced trade to the Nets, an...
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97 - The Bob Pettit Hawks

boy, we've been talkin around this for years! It's time to go back to the 50s and take a look at 'ole Bob Pettit (the progenitor of the power forward)...
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96 - Jerry West, Off the Court

This week, we continue our discussion of Mr. Clutch, picking up after his retirement from the Lakers and following his golden touch in managerial capa...
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95 - Jerry West, On the Court

We're talkin' a major legend this week...Mr. Clutch! In the first of a two-part series, we cover Jerry West's playing career, from WVU to the Los Ange...
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94 - Gregg Popovich

This week, we're taking a non-standard angle on Pop's career: his life before all the Spurs titles. We talk his time in the Air Force (and maybe as a ...
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93 - 07 Seconds or Less Part 2

We round off our discussion of Mike D'Antoni, Steve Nash, and the Seven Seconds or Less Phoenix Suns by looking at the years following Nash's back-to-...
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92 - 07 Seconds or Less Part 1

The first of a two part series on the progenitor of the modern league, the runnin' and gunnin' :07 Seconds or Less Phoenix Suns! We're talking Mike D'...
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91 - Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway - a real sweetie! This week we discuss his meteoric rise on the Magic in the mid-90s, some grisly knee injuries, the time he spent with...
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90 - Yao Ming

This week, we're dipping into that much-beloved early-2000s range and looking at the tallest player ever to play, Yao Ming. We cover his time playing ...
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