Batch Bitch

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A comedy podcast where we bitch about the Bachelor Australia (and the Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, and Married At First Sight)

Ep 102 - MAFS Reunion, sorry

 Naomi and Danielle do one last MAFS episode about the reunion episode, no they will not be doing the new season, not after the havoc previous seasons...
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Ep 101 - Burnt P*ssy/Cooked C*nt

We're back cunts!!!!!! This is just a loose chat where we talk about our lives and just basically vibe. 2021 is here and we are loving it!  See acast....
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Ep 100 - we made it!

Naomi and Danielle answer your heartfelt questions about reality TV, the pod and their friendship.   See for privacy and opt-out inf...
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Ep 99 - Don't show me your veins

Naomi and Danielle, free from the Bachelorette, chat about their lives, Aunty Donna's new show and the episode of Reputation Rehab with Abbie Chatfiel...
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Ep 96 - Spotted Dove (S6E3&4)

Danielle and Naomi are deep in the midst of a mental breakdown, for the first time it is not at the hands of a reality tv show, This season of the Bac...
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