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Random return

I discuss Fatherhood, The USA election, why you should not get a girlfriend right now, sport and music.Enjoy share with a friend
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Black Education & Covid-19

Today I sat with my friend Kendaris a Black male educator and we discussed Black men as teachers and educators, different aspects of being an educator...
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How to date a therapist.

Bazz interviews Rob a Clinical therapist we discuss, relationships, Match making, Heartbreak, forgiveness in relationships. Dating and a lot more topi...
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Bazz a Hotep?

Bazz discuss his return to Podcasting, Haiti and reparations, a quick dive into the love corner and discussing modern relationships. We discuss a slew...
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The Return

Bazz returns, catches up on the past month, talks about Covid.Intro song: Beautiful Lies by @AriWild_ on TwitterSoundcloud:
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History and Toussaint Louverture

Today Bazz speaks about his perspective on our Haitian forefathers, how reading changed his perspective. his feelings about Kobe and a whole lot of se...
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Empathy and war

in the Basement Bazz talks about insecurities, empathy and war. Intro song: Queen Tings - MasegoOutro song: Vini'm Pale'w - Black Parentsfollow the Po...
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