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Bear Or Fowl has transformed for round 2 into Bear U; your one stop shop for anything college football, and sports in general related. Listen to hosts Kyle, Tim, and Connor spew their thoughts weekly on this NCAA football season, and all the drama and story lines that come with it.

Week 6: The Cows Come Home

It's a big week in college football this week as the boys bring you their thoughts and prayers about the Michigan / Michigan State game!
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Week 5: Anthem Watch Returns

Anthem Watch Returns this week on Bear U. We heard the fans asking for it, so we talk all about this weeks anthem issues we saw in both the NFL and Co...
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Week 3: Sleep on this one

Kyle, Tim, and Connor bring you this week early and often. While it may be slow, not many match ups, we still try to analyze last week while giving in...
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Week 2: Check Out Our Big Picks

Kyle, Tim, and Connor are back this week with more football talk then ever. Quick recap of the previous week, how our teams did, and some very controv...
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College Football Kickoff: Round 2

Tim and Kyle are back this season with Full-Time host Connor! The show has become all college football all the time, and they're kicking things off th...
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