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Behind the Horror Movie is a true crime podcast that covers the true stories behind the horror movies that keep you up at night.

"Dear Mrs Budd..."

Hello my beautiful sickos!  This episode is a doozy and a half so listener discretion is advised. This week we’ll be talking about the true events of ...
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"Lie to me."

Hello my beautiful sickos! This week we’re breaking the rules, and finding out the true crime behind the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Lie to Me. ...
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"...because you were home."

Welcome back, my beautiful sickos! Today, we'll be deep diving into the true crime behind the 2008 spook film, The Strangers.  Be thank you to our sou...
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"Where'd ya get those peepers?!"

Listener discretion is advised. This week we are deep diving into a truly devastating domestic violence case. White Ribbon is a domestic violence prev...
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"You can't kill the boogeyman!"

There's no way someone so sinister could be real, but here we are.  If you have a home-town murder you'd like to share, or have some corrections for u...
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Behind the Horror Movie Trailer

Welcome to Behind the Horror Movie! Each week we are going to talk about all the gruesome, real-life details of the movies that keep us up at night.  ...
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