Being Meraklis

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Being Meraklis is a podcast about life through my journey of self-discovery. A conversation on life in all its glory, the joys and struggles, triumphs and failures, successes, and their lessons. This podcast is a reminder of how we are not alone in this journey and on the simple things we can do to make this life a memorable and beautiful experience.

Ep 33 - Asking for help

Let’s face it, asking for help is never easy. We are afraid of being vulnerable or facing rejection, so we go on with our lives, without ever asking f...
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Ep 31 - Create Your Life in 5 Steps

Are you the passive victim of your life’s circumstances or do you view yourself as the active creator of your life? In this episode, I’m going to shar...
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Ep 30 - Ambition: Yay or Nay

Have you ever wondered if ambition is good or bad? If you are anything like me, ambition is what drives you to get off the bed and keep going, but the...
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Ep 29: A Life Lesson to Remember

I've battled with existential questions of Who I am and What I should engage in this short life of ours for a while now. If you have too, this episode...
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Ep 24 - Let's Talk Suicide!

Catch me in conversation with Sachin Chidambaran, Lead Trainer at Samaritans Mumbai, as we discuss suicide prevention. Can we as a society be aware an...
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