Being the Genuine Athlete

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As a former professional athlete I was always in search of being in the zone in my performance. The zone, the feeling, the gist of it, was and is the peak performance that all athletes strive for. But something is missing. And this something is revealed in my podcast where I share my experiences as an athlete and later on as a coach and a life coach. What is working in practice and how to get there. Join this journey and begin to be the Genuine Athlete you were born to be.

The hidden Opponent⎮Dopamine

Are you feeling that something is taking and sucking all your energy? You train hard as an athlete and you give your all. Yet you have that heavy chai...
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Pro Athlete - Pro Wisdom

We begin the 2nd season of this podcast with an interesting subject: Professional Athlete with professional injury. That was the old way and now is th...
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