Belligerent Trivia


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Sam and Jon get drunk and educate each other with trivia on a wide variety of topics.

Autonomous Cars vs Prostheses

In this episode we discuss the incredible technology of the future. Maybe one day we'll come up with an invention that let's us be entertaining! Haha
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Guns vs Tardigrades

A tardigrade can survive almost anything, but can it survive hundreds of incendiary rounds flying through its favorite milkshake stand? Find out this ...
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Potatoes vs Rubik's Cubes

We're back and at it again with some more sounds for your ears, words for you minds, and fancy feast for you meat pies. Now I know what you're thinkin...
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Backup Episode: Test Rum

Ok guys. So we made a bit of an oopsie, but you know what they say. The greatest oopsies forge the strongest wills. Our episode was lost forever, but ...
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Noses vs Graveyards

Do you smell that? That's the smell of a S P O O K Y Halloween special! Recorded and released almost exactly 6 months from Halloween... We really need...
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Toilets vs Sumo

Those sumo wrestlers are some big boys. Why do you think they never show up on that absolute units subreddit? My theory is that they're overqualified....
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eSports vs Boats

Hear me out. Two League of Legends teams facing off, each in a boat slowly taking on water. Every time a player dies, another hole is added to their h...
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Skyscrapers vs Dice

10 whole episodes? That's crazy! To celebrate, I brought in my best friend Jon as a guest star, and we had a great time. Wait a minute... I do those t...
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