Between Innings w/ Dan Kolko


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Dan Kolko talks Washington Nationals - on the field, off the field, and everywhere in between.

2.9 A Sit-down with Bryce

LEADING OFF (2:25) Dan and John are back as the 2018 regular season enters its final days, ready to recap the last six months in a big-picture sense. ...
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2.7 The Comeback and The Beard

LEADING OFF - (2:00) - One day after the biggest single-game comeback in Nats history, Dan and John have a lot to talk about. How important was the co...
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2.6 The Cup, The Slump & The Open

LEADING OFF (3:45) - Recording from the comforts of Dan's living room, the boys have lots to discuss in their first episode back in a while, starting ...
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